5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Attract Your Crowd

“Build it and they will come!” If only it worked that way. 

You have a knack for what you do, you’ve worked hard at building a conscious brand, and you create memorable experiences for your customers. There are a ton of people who would love your business…if they knew about it! So the question is: How can you ensure that more people do know about it?

Unleash the Power of Digital Marketing

Many digital marketing tactics can expand the reach of your business and, by extension, maximize your impact. Here’s the scoop on a handful of tried-and-true marketing methods. 

1. Local SEO

If your business caters to people in your local area, local SEO is a wise investment. Especially if you’re up against many competitors, your business must stand out in search results. The more visible your website is online, the higher the chances that potential customers will flock to you instead of your competitors. 

What does local SEO entail? It’s a process involving:

  • Setting up an optimized Google My Business listing
  • Setting up citations and business listings
  • Optimizing the pages of your website
  • Performing keyword research
  • Conducting competitive analysis
  • Creating sitemaps
  • Doing various ongoing optimization tasks

And the result? Better rankings in search results for targeted keywords, more engagement with your Google My Business listing, more website traffic, and more customers!  

2. Search Ads 

Speaking of search results, Google Ads Search Ads can also increase your online visibility. These ads afford you prominent placement at the top and on the right-hand side of Google search results. For this reason, they tend to have a high return-on-investment (ROI) and can be a profitable way to feed your sales funnel.

Since search ads are pay-per-click, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads to navigate to your website. In other words, it costs nothing to have your website parked at the top of a Google search results page for all to see! 

3. Display Ads

Also pay-per-click, Google Ads Display Ads can be an effective way to advertise your business, draw in more website traffic, and keep the customers rolling in. These ads are shown on other websites and can be targeted to reach the exact crowd you’re trying to attract to your business. 

Some targeting options include geographic location, the content of the page where your ad appears, or even a person’s web browser history. The more relevant your display ads are to the people who see them, the greater the chances they’ll engage with your business!

4. Remarketing

Not all of the traffic you drive to your website will result in immediate conversions. In other words, not everyone who visits your site will fill out a form, give you a call, schedule a consultation, or make a purchase right away. That’s where remarketing comes in. It keeps fewer sales opportunities from slipping through the cracks. How?

By advertising your website again to people who visited it previously but who didn’t take your desired next step. In other words, remarketing keeps your business top of mind, encouraging future engagement. 

5. Youtube Ads 

Last but not least, let’s talk about Youtube Ads. Youtube is 2 billion monthly users strong. It’s no wonder that Youtube Video Ads can be an effective way to get your business in front of many eyes. But not just any eyes. Geotargeting, remarketing, content targeting, and other methods ensure that your videos are shown to people likely to be interested in your content and your business.

Much like pay-per-click, Youtube Video Ads—which are a minimum of 30 seconds long—are pay-per-view. You only pay when someone watches 30 seconds or more of your ad. This keeps costs down, provides a boost of brand awareness, and can also have a high ROI. 

Time to Step Up Your Marketing? 

If business growth is your goal, digital marketing will play a key role in reaching it. As you may know, though, the industry is huge and it can be hard to know what marketing efforts are worth your time. Lucky for you, you have a cheat sheet in this blog post, which covers some of the most effective methods out there! 

If you’d like to know more about how these tactics can be incorporated into your marketing strategy and the kind of results they can generate, let’s connect and discuss it.

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