Is Web Design Important?

In the age of Wix, Weebly, and other DIY alternatives, it’s easier than ever to put together a website. Choose a decent template, drag, drop, paste in your text, and presto! It’s live. But is this really the best way to go? Or are people actually onto something when they say that investing in professional web design services is worthwhile? 

Let’s talk about three key things pro web design can accomplish that DIY often doesn’t. 

1. Your Message is Conveyed With Clarity 

The problem with the do-it-yourself route is, no matter where you turn, there are limitations. For one thing, maybe your web design skillset is not your best attribute and, as a result, your website is not the best it can be.

Additionally, you may find yourself stuck in a creative box. For example, you may feel pressured to work within the constraints of a web design template not made with your business or audience in mind.

In either case, such constraints only lead to one thing. They keep you from getting across your message, your purpose, and your vision with crystal clarity. 

A skilled web designer doesn’t have these barriers. And because they don’t, they can create a unique design that’s tailored perfectly to your message. 

2. Your Authenticity Shines Through  

Closely linked to clarity is authenticity. You don’t just want your audience to understand what you do. You want them to understand and be drawn to who you are

It’s tough to show off who you are and attract your crowd with a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter website design also being used by a million other businesses. 

You want everyone who lands on your website to get a sense of your vibe, brand personality, and values, all of which can be communicated through design. Custom web design, that is. 

3. You Connect With More of Your People

Authenticity and clarity are magnetic. They attract the right people to you. Yet, to forge deep, meaningful relationships with those people, it often takes more. Beyond that initial action of visiting your site, further engagement is essential. How is that engagement prompted? 

In large part, through strategic website design, which encourages visitors to explore your website further and take your desired next steps. A professional web designer will have all the tricks of the trade to deliver a stunning website that gets results. From expertise in creating a solid website structure to leveraging visual cues, they’ll be in the best position to accomplish this. 

Investing in Website Design: Worth It or Not? 

While there are alternatives out there, none measure up to the potential that expert website design affords your business. With a design made just for you, you can have full confidence that your message is clear, authentic, and forges lasting connections between you and your audience. Do you feel it’s time to look into professional website design? Get in touch and let’s chat about your options! 

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