• Hillshire Farm

As lead Art Director on this project, I worked with my creative team to design and produce this marketing campaign aimed to raise awareness for Hillshire's new product, American Craft Sausages.

From the conceptual stages of sketching out key visual look & feels to flying out to Chicago to oversee the product photoshoots.

Slide 1: Winning Key Visual

Slide 2: Landing Page for

Slide 3: National FSI

Slide 4: In-Store Demo Mock Up with supporting print collateral

Slide 5: Floor Graphic

Slide 6: This creative Cube was designed and produced as a gift/takeaway for the friends we made at the photography studio in Chicago.

Slides 7 & 8: This project was a proud moment not only for our creative team but also for the agency. I designed this large-scale, 3D cabin that sat at the entrance of our corporate office. Inside the cabin, hung our leading key visuals, much like the craft sausages in the Hillshire smokehouses.